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Relieves and/or eliminates symptoms caused by hormonal imbalance

Namasté, beautiful woman

Perhaps an inner voice tells you: «Reconnect and flow» but you don’t know how to do it.

It may be that…

  • You need to reconnect with your body in order to feel more vibrant and energized.
  • You are looking for natural alternatives to relieve your menstrual pain and/or symptoms of (peri)menopause or any other female health problems related with the hormones.
  • You want to restore your hormonal imbalance to regain your health and vitality.

Hormone Yoga Therapy is for you!

Loving everything about yourself, even the unacceptable, is an act of personal power. It is the beginning of healing.

Christiane Northrup, gynecologist and women's health educator.

Women are cyclical by nature. So do you know that your cycle is a reflection of your general health and well-being?

If your interior is in harmony, you will be able to understand yourself better, take care of your health and know how to reactivate your energy.

How does Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT) help you to improve your health and well-being?

HYT is a natural and holistic therapy  to natural reactivate hormone production in order to improve vitality and overall health without the need of medication.

HYT was created by the Brazilian doctor in psychologist and Yoga therapist, Dinah Rodrigues (96). HYT is a scientifically validated method based on human science and physiology without side effects of hormone replacement therapy. 

With Hormone Yoga Therapy, you could manage to:


Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT) is an excellent practice to support women in all their hormonal cycles:  menstruation, fertility, perimenopause, menopause & postmenopause and is recommended for:

About me

Hello! I’m María Alejandra

Madhavi is my spiritual name in the yoga world, which means «sweet as the honey» in Sanskrit. 

Hence the name of my project: Madhavi, yoga for women’s health.

My inspiration is to offer yoga teachings and resources that help women to face their daily challenges, with a more open, conscious and positive attitude. As a result, my students will be able to take control of their health and well-being as an expression of empowerment and freedom.

I had being trained as a hormone yoga therapist by the well experienced yoga teacher Shakti Simone Lehner from Germany, based on the method of the yoga therapist Dinah Rodrigues.

I also completed the training  Yoga Therapy for Women’s Wellbeing with the renowned Uma Dinsmore Tuli, from UK. In addition, I have a certificate as a yoga therapist instructor from the prestigious school Arsha Yoga Gurukulam in India.

The HYT has allowed me to connect with my body and rediscover my feminine essence, honoring both as they deserve.

And that’s exactly what I want my students to achieve through the HYT and other specific practices for women.

Regain your vitality, increase your energy and balance your hormones with this unique practice designed for women.

Empower yourself and reconnect with your inner being!

The Hormone Yoga Therapy could support women who experience:

  •  symptoms of perimenopause and menopause
  • early menopause
  • menstrual disorders (irregular, painful, heavy, amenorrhea)
  • premenstrual syndrome
  • polycystic ovaries 
  • thyroid imbalance
  • hypothyroidism
  • fertility problems
  • sleep disturbances
  • stress and anxiety
  • emotional instability
  • irritability
  • fatigue
  • loss of vitality
  • migraine
  • low libido
  • hot flashes
  • night sweats
  • digestive problems
  • weight gain
  • hair loss
  • dry Skin
  • vaginal dryness
  • incontinence

Let me introduce you the course Madhavi Hormone Yoga Therapy

What you will learn...

therapeutic yoga method based on the full sequence designed by therapist Dinah Rodrigues, which will help you to balance the hormones naturally . The sequence is learned only once and is always the same. Then, you can use it throughout all your life to support the different hormone cycles: menstruation, fertility, perimenopause, menopause & postmenopause. I also teach extra practices to nourish the experience. A great lifelong investment in your health and well-being! 

Rituals to start the practice + Sequence of warm-up exercises

Dynamic hormone yoga therapy postures and practices

Yoga Nidra and other techniques for relaxation

Breathing techniques and anti-stress exercises

Hormone Yoga Therapy will give you vitality and health by reducing and/or eliminating the symptoms of low hormone levels, restoring your hormonal balance naturally.

With Hormone Yoga Therapy…

The yoga sequence is always the same, it never changes or varies because it is a therapeutic style of yoga.

At first, as you get used to it, you will use more time than necessary to practice the full sequence. But once you memorize it, you’ll be able to do it in 35 minutes, depending on how consistent you are.

HYT requires dedication and is best suited to motivated students who intend to permanently incorporate the regular practice in their lives.

The benefits are obtained only with constant practice!

They have already experienced the transformation with HYT

Hormone Yoga Therapy with María Alejandra:

About 6 months ago, at the age of 48, I began to suffer very acute premenstrual symptoms. The days were so emotionally hard that they even prevented me from working. I visited several doctors in different specialized clinics and tried various traditional allopathic methods, until a doctor from the Ijisselland Hospital (in The Netherlands) recommended Hormone Yoga Therapy to me as one of the possible options. As I already knew the method and the work of María Alejandra with other women, some of them known to me, all very satisfied with the results achieved, I did not hesitate to contact her.

I decided to do this natural therapy before trying any medication and I was right. María Alejandra, with great professionalism and patience, helped me and taught me the method step by step, posture after posture. At the end of each session I could feel the size and location of my ovaries, a revealing and very special sensation, I felt the stimulation in my body and in two weeks my premenstrual symptoms began to decrease.

My body has reacted very well to the Hormone Yoga Therapy experiencing all the positive benefits. I recommend this method to support your health and to improve your well-being. 

Veronica, Netherlands

More women enjoying the benefits of the HYT

Here you can see a preview of the full sequence

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Take care of your health and improve your quality of life


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If you have any question before the registration, you can directly send a Whatsapp to            María Alejandra:  +31 626748984

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Frequently Asked Question

Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT) for women is a method created by the Brazilian doctor & psychologist and yoga therapist Dinah Rodrigues. It is a natural treatment, without the use of drugs, that reactivates the production of hormones, mainly in the ovaries, the thyroid, the pituitary gland and the adrenal glands.

This method consists of a specific series of dynamic Hatha Yoga postures (dynamic asanas) to reactivate the endocrine glands and improve blood circulation in those areas. The asanas are accompanied by intense breathing techniques (pranayamas). Visualization, relaxation (therapeutic Yoga Nidra) and stress reduction techniques are also included in this practice. HYT helps to reduce and/or eliminate most of the symptoms of hormonal imbalances and it has a positive effect on the entire endocrine system.

  • Women from the age of 35, as a preventive therapy for the slowly declining hormone levels of the two main female hormones: estrogen and progesterone, and thus prevent and/or reduce the symptoms of menopause.
  • Women of all ages with low hormone levels, fertility problems, polycystic ovaries, menstrual disorders, premenstrual syndrome, ovarian cysts, early menopause, hypothyroidism, among others feminine health problems.
  • Middle-aged women who wish to alleviate or eliminate (in some cases) the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, such as hot flashes, insomnia, night sweats, emotional instability, mild depression, headaches, concentration difficulties, decreased libido, the possibility of osteoporosis and arteriosclerosis, among other conditions.

HYT helps to alleviate and/or eliminate the symptoms of the following women’s health problems. It is important to note that each body is different, so the results of this therapy may vary. Lifestyle is also another influencing factor:

  • Symptoms of perimenopause, menopause, early menopause.
  • PMS (premenstrual syndrome).
  • Infertility (caused by hormonal imbalances or poor blood circulation in the pelvic area).
  • Polycystic ovaries (whose symptoms include: hirsutism, infertility, acne, weight gain).
  • Irregular menstruation.
  • Mild depression, emotional instability, memory impairment (caused by low levels of thyroid hormones).
  • Low libido, vaginal dryness.
  • Osteoporosis (for osteopenia and/or not very advanced osteoporosis).
  • Incontinence.
  • Underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism).
  • Hair loss, brittle nails, dry skin and acne.
  • Insomnia, low energy, fatigue.
  • And many other problems caused by hormonal imbalances.

If you have experienced or are going through any of the following situations, this therapy should not be practiced. Consult your doctor first if you have any questions.

  • In certain cases where your estrogen levels should not increase.
  • History of estrogen dominant breast cancer.
  • In any other case of cancer.
  • Advanced endometriosis.
  • Uterine fibroids (myoma).
  • Hyperthyroidism (thyroxine hormone).
  • Hypertension (when not controlled with medication).
  • Glaucoma / detached retina.
  • After a surgery.
  • In case of acute psychosis.
  • Pregnancy (wait 6 months after natural childbirth. In case of cesarean section, it is better to consult a doctor).

Hatha Yoga is practiced to maintain health. It consists of asanas (postures) and pranayamas (breathing exercises) with body awareness and relaxation. Hormone Yoga Therapist is therapeutic and is based on physiology. The asanas are dynamic, with very strong pranayamas to massage and reactivate the glands. It also uses the Tibetan Energy Techniques to reinforce the results, also known as “Energy Circulation”. Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT) is a specific sequence of dynamic yoga postures combined with an abdominal breathing technique that stimulates and activates the glands through massage and compression. Then the practican moves the energy using Tibetan energetic techniques and reinforce physical work. The results are not the same if any of the steps or postures are omitted, the sequence must be practiced as a complete serie.

Yes! The HYT is accessible to everyone, including women with no prior yoga experience.

Yes! All poses can be adapted through the use of yoga props such as blocks, cushions, blankets, and straps. I will guide you in your practice and we will make the necessary adaptations without a negative impact on the results.

After the course, you will have access to two practice videos: one for beginners, which will familiarize you with the sequence. Another one for advanced practice, which only takes about 35 minutes. The morning is ideal. However, if you can’t at that time, try to reserve some time during the day. If the night is the only time you have, take at least an hour after practice before going to bed. Anti-stress / anti-pranayama exercises are ideal to practice before bed. Once you learn and memorize the sequence, the commitment is 30 minutes to do it, which comes with constant practice. For best results, I recommend practicing 3-5 times a week. Maybe you can get some practice partners from the group to motivate each other. Your health should be your priority!

Yes! Stress is one of the factors that most causes hormonal imbalances in women. This can occur when elevated cortisol levels suppress the body’s natural sex hormones (estrogen + progesterone). Acute and chronic stress can fundamentally alter the body’s hormonal balance, which can lead to missed, late, or irregular periods, as well as chronic fatigue, weight gain, insomnia, and other health disorders.

In 1993, after observing the excellent results obtained by her students, Dinah Rodriguez decided to carry out a controlled scientific research project on the effect of HYT on hormone levels and symptoms of low hormone levels (hot flashes, urogenital dryness, emotional instability, insomnia, chronic fatigue, depression, migraine, infertility, hair loss, weight gain, etc.). The results obtained by the women who practiced were measured with estradiol blood tests (before the start of the practice and repeated every 4 months) and the intensity of the symptoms was evaluated in a questionnaire to be repeated every month. The conclusion was that the results were very positive: the estradiol level increased on average 154% with 100% of the students, in a practice of 3 to 4 months, without medication, eliminated the symptoms or decreased their intensity to almost zero. You can also consult the following university theses (available only in English)






In your case, Hormone Yoga Therapy is indicated since it reactivates and balances the production of hormones, which eliminates ovarian cysts. Polycystic ovaries can cause infertility, but after 4 to 6 months of practice, in 85% of cases, the desired pregnancy can happen.

Every woman owns her body and makes her own decisions. To do this, before starting an artificial hormonal treatment, it is advisable to educate yourself, look for a lot of information and investigate possible side effects. I invite you to read the following article from the Breast Cancer Society:


And another from the American Academy of Family Physicians:


In this link from the No Pause website (in Spanish), you can read an interesting and objective article on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), its pros and cons


To reduce the symptoms of menopause caused by low hormone levels, there is also a more natural solution that is Hormone Yoga Therapy, created by Dinah Rodriguez.

Below, I copy an excerpt from Dinah Rodriguez’s book in which she talks about Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT):

“According to studies carried out in various countries, about 20% of women in menopause present the hormonal drop without symptoms or signs of it. It should be noted that not all the investigations evaluated all the symptoms of low hormones. Only about six. We can divide the population of women into three groups:

1st Group: women whose health is greatly affected by a severe hormonal drop, many symptoms and pictures of serious problems, low bone density, high cholesterol, etc. This first group certainly requires medical attention and will most likely have HRT, calcium replacement, and/or other medications, depending on the severity and type of signs they present. However, in addition to receiving the external hormonal medication, they should seek the reactivation of their own estrogen production from their own body. Without a doubt, this would be the best solution. From my experience, I can assure you that this is achieved with the practice of Hormone Yoga Therapy.

2nd Group: women who have an average hormonal low that, feeling the symptoms of menopause, their health was not affected by osteoporosis, high cholesterol, etc. Those who present these characteristics do not need HRT but often end up being medicated to alleviate unpleasant symptoms and in the quest to «maintain youth». These women could safely be treated with Hormone Yoga Therapy that reactivates ovarian function, raising the level of hormones and eliminating symptoms almost entirely.

3rd Group: this is the group of our greatest interest. Who are these lucky women who go through menopause smoothly without feeling any symptoms? What can we learn from them? Through hormone level tests, we verify that even after menopause the drop in hormone production is gradual, your ovaries continue to be active, still producing a sufficient amount of hormone for your well-being, beauty and youth (…). The indication of Hormone Yoga Therapy for this third group is intended to activate hormonal production, which should be starting to drop, and bring more health and vitality.”

The immediate answer would be a NO. However, I recommend that you consult your doctor. Hormone Yoga Therapy increases the level of estrogen and can stimulate the carcinogenic cells.

The immediate answer would be NO. However, ask your doctor first. In case you want to continue with the HYT, you would have to adapt the sequence, especially the postures for the thyroid, with prior consultation and guidance from your HYT teacher.

It is recommended that you wait until 6 months postpartum before doing the HYT practice to give your body time to recover. After that, you’re ready to practice, and in fact, the exercises can really help restore your pelvic floor and flexibility.

While I understand that you are a yoga teacher, in this method of Hormone Yoga Therapy created by Dinah Rodrigues there are very specific techniques that need to be approached and performed with precision in order for it to work. There are many small details. In addition, it is required to have knowledge, at least general, of the functioning of the endocrinological system and other physiological aspects that are not obtained in traditional yoga training courses. Most yoga teachers who are certificated in HYT are very surprised at how unique it is, including me. I always recommend take a HYT teacher training after you do the course for your personal practice because you need to learn about hormones, health conditions, contraindications, how to adapt the practice in certain cases etc. The health of the students must be the priority!

Here two options to take the course online and become a certificated HYT teacher:



Shakti Simone Lehner (mi teacher)

Graduated in Biology and Naturopath, she is also a renowned German yoga teacher. She does extensive work as a trainer of future yoga teachers in Germany, India, the United Kingdom and the United States. She did her studies with the German Association of Yoga Vidya Teachers (BYV) and the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers (ISYVC) in India between 1999 and 2001. In 2003, she opened Yoga Vidya Center Speyer (Germany), together with her husband Maheshwara. With a good sense of humor and practicality, and her deep passion for yoga, Shakti teaches from her more than 19 years of experience practicing yoga. She also has extensive training in Yin Yoga, Ayurveda, Yoga Nidra, Hormone Yoga Therapy , Therapeutic Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Philosophy and Spiritual Coaching.

She is passionate about Hormone Yoga Therapy, she has been in charge of spreading this practice in German and English, benefiting many women. She now also trains teachers, especially in Germany, India and the United Kingdom.

I had the great privilege of being trained directly by her as a Hormone Yoga Therapy teacher in the course she offers in English in the United Kingdom.

Dinah Rodriguez (the founder)

Philosopher and PhD in Psychology, graduated from the University of Sao Paulo, she is also a Yoga Therapist, an integral member of the IYTA and an honorary member as a consultant of the World Therapy Council of I.FY. (India). She is the creator of the Hormone Yoga Therapy method, on a scientific basis of different yoga practices. She currently no longer travels to Europe or teaches in person after the COVID situation. She was born in 1927 and she is still in exceptional health. Her favorite phrase: «only those who practice get results»


En caso de cualquier otra enfermedad relacionada con las hormonas que no aparece en esta lista, es mejor consultar primero al médico y siempre informar a la profesora de yoga.

Reactiva tu fuente de energía y vitalidad con el curso Madhavi Yoga Terapia Hormonal

  • Cuatro clases de dos horas y media cada una con la secuencia completa de ejercicios: calentamiento, 12 posturas y relajación final clásica. Horario a convenir
  • Rituales para comenzar la práctica.
  • Técnicas de respiración para calmar la ansiedad.
    Ejercicios antiestrés.
  • Manual de estudio con ilustraciones y tabla de seguimiento (descargable en pdf).
  • Dos videos para tu práctica personal en casa.
  • Dos audios de Yoga Nidra para una relajación total.
  • Guía de Ayurveda para apoyar tu equilibrio hormonal.
  • Grupo privado de Facebook de preguntas y respuestas.
  • Una sesión de media hora de coaching privado conmigo vía Zoom.

Curso Privado
(Vía Zoom)

  • Yogaterapia Hormonal

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(Vía Zoom)

140 c/u
  • Yogaterapia Hormonal


Al tratarse de una práctica terapéutica, siempre debe aprenderse con una profesora certificada que pueda orientarte en cómo adaptarla a tus necesidades particulares. Se desaconseja totalmente aprenderla por tu cuenta, con una amiga que ya haya hecho el curso o con videos sin una evaluación previa de tu condición hormonal pues puede traer consecuencias negativas para tu salud. Esta terapia no debe ser tomada como una sustitución de los consejos médicos profesionales o de medicamentos recetados por un profesional de la salud. En caso de duda, siempre debes consultar primero a tu médico.

Remember, for your health and safety...

You should not learn Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT) on your own, without a prior evaluation of your hormonal condition and the guidance of a specialized teacher, because it can have negative consequences for your health.

This therapy is not a substitute for the professional advice of your doctor or medication.

If you have any questions, always consult your doctor first.


If you have experienced or are going through any of the following situations, Hormone Yoga Therapy should not be practiced.

  • In cases where your estrogen levels should not increase.
  • History of estrogen dominant breast cancer (or any case of cancer).
  • Advanced endometriosis.
  • Uterine fibroids (myoma).
  • Hyperthyroidism (talk first with the teacher).
  • Hypertension (when not controlled with medication).
  • Glaucoma / detached retina.
  • After a surgery.
  • In case of acute psychosis.
  • If you are pregnant or postpartum. It is necessary to wait 6 months after delivery.

In case of any other hormonal related disease that is not listed here, it is best to consult your doctor first and always inform your yoga teacher.

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